22 janvier 2012

January Bog Your Heart Challenge

Hello everyone, Bonjour tout le monde,   It's January and I'm late for my Blog Your Heart Challenge! You can read my January contribution on my new blog - Writing for a better life. I wanted to separate my scrapbooking from my writing. I'm not sure that people who come here for scrapbooking want to read me ramble about things. Also, I want to write on a more regular basis, hence the new blog. Of course, I started it this month, so it's a baby blog. It will grow over time as I become more confident.  I'll be back... [Lire la suite]
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28 octobre 2011

Blog your heart Challenge

Hey everyone,   This will be my first blog post without any scrapbooking. Stephanie Howell (one of my favorite scrapbookers) started a blogging challenge last month, called "Blog your heart". To quote her, the point is to "blog your heart. HONESTLY. it can be silly, funny, serious, short or long...whatever you want it to be. as long as it is authentic". Since writing/journaling is slowly but surely becoming part of my daily life, I have decided to participate: #1: Monday was my grandfather's funerals. I thought seeing... [Lire la suite]
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